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Woodblock Print

Water Buffalo III

Water Buffalo III

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“Water Buffalo III” is an original hand inked and pulled woodblock print made by the artist. This print is currently part of a series of color- way experiments and currently only 3 versions of this block carving exist. The artist has not yet chosen to print an edition of this series which means this particular print is one of a kind. This print is also signed and dated and features hand brushed, handmade Copper Oxide ink, handmade Black Walnut ink, gold metallic ink and gold leaf. While the photos do mimic the natural colors best as possible, you may notice a slight difference in shimmer of the gold metallic ink and gold leaf from that of the photographs shown here.

  • Hand-pulled relief print

  • Woodblock

  • #3 in a series of color ways

  • Not currently part of an edition

  • Vivid Gold metallic Caligo oil-based relief ink with hand brushed, handmade Copper Oxide ink, handmade black walnut ink and gold leaf on crisp white %100 cotton paper

  • Paper size: 22in x30in

  • Image size: Roughly 16.5in x24in

  • Ships in a cardboard mailing tube

  • Original woodblock not included

  • Sold unframed

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